The aim of the school is to present the theoretical basis and some applied results for a game theoretical approach to the problem of sharing a resource among different agents.

It is oriented to PhD students, post-doc, and young scholars. It has a distinguished interdisciplinary flavour, with speakers whose experiences come from Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Science.

It is organized in order to provide incentives for direct contacts among the participants; the lectures will be delivered in the morning and the rest of the day will be devoted to informal talks and discussions also with the speakers.

The school will be held in Campione d’Italia from Sunday 2 to Friday 7 of September 2018.

Scientific coordinators

  • Giulio Casati (University of Insubria)
  • Vito Fragnelli (University of Eastern Piedmont)
  • Marco Dall’Aglio (LUISS University)
  • Encarnacion Algaba (University of Sevilla)